Validation & Reporting Services

Our analytical skills translate to energy system evaluation, validation, reporting, and communication.

Energy System Evaluation and Validation

Example statistical summary of peak power demand when behavior change occurs compared to a baseline. 

Quinn Energy evaluates energy technologies and approaches quantitatively using analytical resources and our knowledge of energy systems. We can provide comparisons between modeled and actual performance. When evaluations involve multiple projects or multiple deployments we employ statistical methods to summarize performance.


Reporting and Communication

Communicating complex and dense analytical information to various stakeholder groups can be challenging. It requires the ability to select and represent the appropriate information in a way that empowers the audience and retains the fidelity of the information.

Quinn Energy creates computer graphics including statistical and 3D representations of complex data. Our technical writing and analytical skills complement each other to create professional reports. Our reporting and communication approaches are applied to our projects and are offered as a service to project teams.