System Optimization

Quinn Energy provides modeling and optimization services for energy generation and load management. We go beyond monthly and summary analysis and use the finest levels of granular data available, highlighting time-of-use challenges and solutions.  

Hybrid – Renewable Modeling

Renewable energy such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind turbines are variable generation sources. Solar PV is time-of-day and cloud coverage dependent, and wind turbines are wind speed dependent. As the industry adopts high renewable energy penetration, microgrids, and non-poles and wires solutions, taming these uncontrolled distributed energy resources (DER) is crucial to system stability. Hybrid energy storage solutions such as batteries and super/ultracapacitors integrated with renewable energy can be used to levelize and smooth generation output.

Quinn Energy provides integrated system modeling of commercial energy sources and storage options. We run optimization algorithms to define optimal system requirements to meet your unique project goals.

Load Analysis and Management

Often electricity usage is considered from the perspective of energy (kWh). However, the power grid is time-of-use based and must balance power generation with load. This means that the peak power load, and when it occurs, is important. Peak load impacts stakeholders in three primary ways. For utilities the peak coincident load impacts capacity requirements. For energy markets timing of energy usage drives the selection of energy generation sources which drives associated emission levels. For energy customers time-of-use demand charges can be costly.

Quinn Energy performs load analysis and management modeling to reduce peak loads, capacity requirements, and demand charges. We perform granular interval load analysis to identify peak load root-cause. Then we model peak management approaches ranging from energy storage, energy efficiency, and behavior in order to reduce costs, increase sustainability, and increase system reliability.


Example of LOAD not met by a fully loaded generator DEPENDENCE on time and day.

Microgrids are localized systems that include distributed energy resources (DER) and have the ability to operate parallel to the electric grid or isolated from it.

Quinn Energy’s analytical and modeling approaches integrate generation, storage, and load management for residential and/or commercial & industrial (C&I) loads. We identify and optimize energy resource selection and sizing for technical and financial feasibility and design.