South Sup Project Complete: Short Notice Meals Can Work

Quinn Energy, Learn@EcoVillage, and the Southside Community Center have completed the South Sup project. The goal of South Sup was to explore how community meals can be used as a demand response measure. Demand response measures are designed to reduce energy usage during utility system peak energy usage times. Reducing peak usage can help utility systems to be more efficient, cost effective, and environmentally clean. 

One of the key questions was whether people would be interested in attending events with short notice. Interestingly the surveyed participants had a generally positive response to the short notice nature of the events. The initial results suggest that with additional resources the effort could be scaled to provide meaningful demand reduction. This type of community aggregate measure could help residents to participate in demand response without requiring new technologies to be installed.

South Sup was supported by a Sustainable Tompkins Community Mini-Grant. Learn more about the project and its results by checking out the South Sup final report