Energy Data Services

Our energy data services include quantifying the value of energy data, addressing data overload, and defining and evaluating smart meter requirements.

Quantifying the Value of Energy Data

Utilities and energy customers have deployed around 60 million advanced (smart) meter infrastructure (AMI) devices in the United States. While adoption of AMI continues to grow, questions remain unresolved regarding the value of the energy data collected by these devices.

Example graphics from a study assessing the impact of power sampling rate on residential power demand.

At Quinn Energy we work with AMI and other energy monitoring systems to:

  • Collect and analyze energy data to evaluate its technical and economic value
  • Identify optimal data sampling frequency and data types required to meet value objectives
  • Use data sampling and statistical analysis to validate projects


Addressing Data Overload

Utility and energy customers can be overloaded with newly available value added energy data.  This value added data creates larger file sizes at higher frequency than traditional basic data. This new data can stress existing IT and communication infrastructure, requiring expensive system upgrades. One approach used in energy management systems is down sampling and aggregation of historical data. This results in a loss of the benefit the data provides and limits next-generation energy solutions.

Quinn Energy can provide research and development services to develop statistical and time-of-use based data summaries. Our solutions can retain valuable information for your organization to exploit while reducing file sizes.

Smart Meter Requirements and Evaluation

Companies are investing in millions of AMI devices across the country. Defining requirements that are based on data usage goals is critical to achieving a return on the investment.

Example Graphics from A Study Assessing the utility of three phase Voltage monitoring over a range of nodes and load utilization levels for a data center.

Quinn Energy can assess data usage goals, customer requirements, and system technical parameters to contribute to smart meter requirement definitions. We will help ensure that your smart meter deployment will result in the information that you need. For installed systems we can evaluate and quantify the value of your investment to inform future system investments or enhancements.